searching with the API

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Can anyone point me to more detailed information about searching with the API than is in I'm particularly looking for the "contains" operator, for the possible values for joinMode, and for wildcard searching.

And am I correct that there isn't a quick way to execute a Saved Search from its searchKey? I have to use <userOrGroupPrefix>/searches/<searchKey> to get the search criteria and convert them into the format the API call needs? It's that conversion I'm having trouble with. Thanks!
  • That's the API documentation — you can assume it reflects current functionality.

    Saved search results aren't available via the API, and searching is currently limited to what's documented there.
  • (More advanced searching of the online library is planned, but no ETA.)
  • Is advanced searching or accessing search results in addition to the metadata still planned?

    We are currently looking for a way to get something very similar to the “Recently Added Items” list of a group library.
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    @dpo.bib: The group library uses the API. "Recently added" is just sorting by dateAdded. Post to zotero-dev if you have API questions that you can't figure out from the documentation.
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