Sync failure after editing tags: error report

Report ID: 477015714

An error occurred during syncing:

Unsupported predicate 'dc:isReplacedBy'


I finally started using the tags in zotero after finding the "delete automated tags" feature (never had the energy to handle the thousands of spurious nonsense tags that i automatically imported before i noticed i accidentally had automatic tag importing)

Anyway, some time in the extensive tag renaming/deletion/merging frenzy, sync started raising the aforementioned error. Accordingly, here is my error report.
  • Can you provide a Debug ID (different from a Report ID) for a sync that produces this?
  • Yes, Debug ID is D979703712 .
    It seems to pertain to record
    Notably, that reference has several tags on the zotero website which it does not possess in my local zotero client (the local version has no tags)
  • OK, this should be fixed in the latest 5.0 Beta, and the fix will be included in 5.0.34 within a few days.

    (This was unrelated to the tag changes, beyond triggering uploading of some items that hadn't been synced in a while.)
  • Good to know.

    I believe you that the cause is not the tag synchronising infrastructure - but it is nice that the spurious tags are finally gone when i synchronise using the new 5.0 beta.

    Thanks for that rapid fix!
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