Cannot add DOIs with reference-book type

edited December 21, 2017
When adding an item using a DOI, Zotero (5.0.32) will not accept anything with the `reference-book` (i.e. encyclopedia entry) type. For example, and, which both resolve, come up in Zotero with the 'could not find a record' error. Similarly, visiting and attempting to save the DOIs using the browser extension will not work.

CrossRef support clarify that `reference-book` is intended to be used for an entire encyclopedia or the like, whilst `reference-entry` is intended for an individual encyclopedia article. Much of the problem, then, is really with the metadata, but nonetheless `reference-book` entries shouldn't be coming up as not found.

I would further suggest that `reference-entry` be imported as an encyclopedia article rather than a book chapter.
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