Zotero pane and button are gone

edited November 20, 2017
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  • i don't see the half screen at all! How do you access it :(. There used to be a button. It's gone.
  • This is not helpful. I have read the information included in this link 100 times. Not. Helpful.

    Please provide a more substantive response. I downloaded 5.0. and the Connector. Nothing is "connecting"

    The "Z" is gone.
  • From that link:
    " You’ll then need to install the standalone Zotero application to access your data. Going forward, instead of clicking a “Z” button in the Firefox toolbar, you’ll open Zotero like any other program on your computer. "

    I'm not sure how to rephrase that more clearly?
  • Thanks, Adam. I did that. I'm in disbelief that the button is gone. "Hate" is a strong word. Please tell your supervisors I "Hate" this change. It makes the work so inconvenient. One of the main reasons I chose Zotero, was the ability to use the split screen when up searching and pulling citations from Google Scholar and elsewhere. I have recommended countless graduate students and researchers to your product. I will not recommend one more person. I am very upset by this change. If others are expressing their dismay behind this ridiculous and not well thought out change, please add my message to that pile. Very, very bad change.
  • Please review https://www.zotero.org/support/forum_guidelines#etiquette before posting here further, or your posts will be deleted.

    From the FAQ:
    Why is this happening?

    Mozilla is discontinuing the powerful extension framework on which Zotero for Firefox is based in favor of a new, more limited extension framework, and it’s no longer technically possible to create a tool like Zotero for Firefox within the browser.

    Will you change your minds?

    See above.
  • The reasons are out of Zotero's control as explained in more detail here https://www.zotero.org/blog/zotero-5-and-firefox-faq/ (which also contains suggestions for working with this)

    (I'm a researcher with a PhD. I don't pass things on to supervisors)
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