Firefox connector shows Zotero as offline

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  • Now, I have the samme probleme, and I don't know what can I do, any solutions?
    thank you
  • What exactly do you mean? What is the exact problem that you are having?

    Do you have the Zotero Connector extension installed in Safari and the Zotero desktop app open? What versions of each?
  • The icone of zotero in mozella is offline, and zotero dektop app is not oppen, I used zotero without having Zotero desktop app, but now I have probleme in using it, the icone is offline.
  • Well, Zotero would show as offline if you're not using the app (which you really should). You should still be able to save from supported pages such as do you not get an active icon there?
  • I have an active icon there, and I uses it. My probleme is not there, I'm using Word in my redaction, when I try to add citation, it don't work and the small window of Mozella dan't come to add a citation, I observed that the Icon of Zotero in Mozella is grey so it's offline.
    Thank you
  • You're posting in a thread titled "Safari Plugin Offline" -- that doesn't seem to apply to you, as you're using Mozilla. Please start a new thread using the "New Discussion" button and provide a _detailed_ description of what you're trying to do and what's not working.
  • Ok thank you so much
  • I've moved this to a new thread, so you can provide more details here if you're still having trouble.
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