PDF not downloading on Zotero Standalone


I have recently been experiencing some problems with the automatic download of PDF files (when available). This occurs on Google Scholar, it was perfectly working couple of days ago and now it only downloads the metadata with a snapshot even though the PDF is available. I could certainly manualy download and attach the PDFs to the metadata, but it would require a bit more time...

I checked previous discussions within the forum but couldn't really find any solution.

Would you have any idea how to solve this ?

I'm on Windows 7

I am using Zotero Standalone 5.0.22, Firefox 56.0 (32 bits), and the "Save to Zotero" connector 5.0.24

I checked the "automatically attach pdf" option in the Zotero Standalone preferences

I tried to temporarily disable proxy re-direction in the proxy tab of the Zotero preferences of the "Save to Zotero" connector

Then I surely also restarted both Firefox and Zotero

Here's an example of a google link where Zotero only downloads snapshots (even with couple of PDFs available >>


Here's an error message I found in the "Save to Zotero" connector settings (within the addon tab of firefox) >>

[JavaScript Error: "Zotero.Connector_Browser</this.injectScripts/</timeout<@moz-extension://5fdd94af-89a4-4497-8742-58d9a8f07a50/background.js:321:12

[JavaScript Error: "Frame not found, or missing host permission" {file: "undefined"}]

[JavaScript Error: "HTTP request has timed out after 15000ms"]

[JavaScript Error: "_haveCode@moz-extension://5fdd94af-89a4-4497-8742-58d9a8f07a50/repo.js:101:20

[JavaScript Error: "Zotero.Translator.prototype.getCode</<@moz-extension://5fdd94af-89a4-4497-8742-58d9a8f07a50/zotero/translation/translator.js:151:11

[JavaScript Error: "Frame not found, or missing host permission" {file: "undefined"}]

Thanks in advance !
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