Save to option in firefox file save dialog

With the new connector, I have noticed that the save to zotero option is not longer available when saving a link. Sometimes, links that contain PDF are not correctly stored in zotero 5.0 when using the connector. I would like to have the option back in the save as dialog or integrated with downloadthemall if that is easier in order to save to zotero (drag and drop does not work either). If I am missing something, please inform me. Thank you.
  • That's no longer possible in Firefox. But you should be able to save any PDF opened in Firefox using the Save to Zotero button at the top right.
  • I am finding this really frustrating. Is there another browser with "Save to Zotero" in the save dialog box?
  • no, sorry (none of the other browsers allow modifying save dialogs). See under "Are there any features..." here for workarounds:
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    @georges You may not have noticed, but adamsmiths first answer (click the zotero button in the toolbar, which becomes a "Save to Zotero" button if you're viewing a pdf) is an effective equivalent to the "Save to Zotero" option that used to be in save dialogs. As far as I can see, what it does is identical to the old option in the dialog. Admittedly you need to be viewing the pdf in the browser..
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