APA issues in Word with multiple authors

When using the Zotero plugin for Word, I can manage to insert a citation with 3 authors. Zotero lists these correctly in the document. The next time I insert the same reference, I get the first author and "et al." which is correct. If I go back to my text and insert this reference earlier in the text so that it becomes the first one in the text, the second one doesn't always automatically change to "et al." Actually, weird things are happening throughout the document when I re-insert this same reference. If I click on Refresh in the Zotero toolbar, the last reference in the text reverts to all three authors being listed. This was definitely not an issue before Zotero upgrade to v.5 this summer. I have tested with different references and on different computers and the problem persists.
  • Which Word version, just to make sure?
  • Word 2013 (Windows).
  • If you click the Edit Citation button in each of the instances of the citation, does the Edit Citation window pop up for each? (Alternatively, if you right-click on each citation and choose Toggle Field Codes, do Zotero field codes show up for each?)
  • So just to make sure, is this what you are seeing:

    1. There are three points in text (A), (B), and (C) appearing in the order listed
    2. Chose APA
    3. Insert a citation to a single Zotero item with 3 authors at (B)
    4. Insert a citation to a single Zotero item with 3 authors at (C). (C) has et al., (B) remains unchanged
    5. Insert a citation to a single Zotero item with 3 authors at (A). (A) has all authors listed, (C) and (B) remains unchanged
    6. Refreshing doesn't do anything?

    If I follow the sequence above I'm not seeing what you're describing - i.e. my author lists are correct.
  • One other question I have is if you are seeing disambiguation letters after any of the years (2012a, etc.), which would indicate that these are actually separate duplicate items that you should merge in Zotero.
  • The scenario described above is correct. I created a short screencast to show you what's happening. See here: http://youtu.be/Oh-hq67SvZM?hd=1
  • video is unavailable
  • Does it matter whether you use the classic dialog or not?
  • Wait, quick citation dialog doesn't even display those authors? Could you submit a Debug ID for typing one of the authors that should display there?
  • I think that the quick citation wasn't working at first because of the screencasting recorder I was using. The quick citation was working toward the end of the video. I usually use the quick citation and reverted to the classic dialog when I was recording the video.
  • Hmm. Could you submit a Debug ID (see instructions above) for inserting the first 4 citations as displayed in the video?
  • This should be fixed in Zotero 5.0.23, now available.
  • Excellent. Thanks. I updated and tested and everything seems to work perfectly!
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