Auto-tag new items

Each time I have a new item I like to tag it. I probably have about 500 tags to choose from. This takes time.

It would seem an easy matter for Zotero to glance through the pdf and see if there are any of my existing tags in it. I'd still have to go through and add the 'concept' tags but it would save me a lot of time.

  • You can enable Automatic tags in the Zotero preferences. This will add any keywords supplied by the journal page as tags when you import using the Zotero browser connector. Beyond that, Zotero can’t do any other sort of automatic tagging at the moment.
  • Indeed it can't. And adding automatic tags is a bad thing - I just have to take them out.

    But being able to have my own tags added automatically - that would be good.
  • +1 for this feature
  • I'm now using Compare Suite Light to do this. Comparing by Keywords does the job; show Common keywords.

    This is useful for an article, especially a long one. With books I look through the contents (sub-headings are useful) and then for longer entries in the index.
  • Just the feature of automatically adding a "to_read" tag would be awesome.
  • There is a plugin you should look at:
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