Change date format in Zotero 5

  • @fbennett, sorry but is there any place to enter such values?
  • In any date field. Zotero and the processor will parse it.
  • Same problem with locale es-ES. System (MacOS Mojave) set to Spain, all applications (but Zotero) behaving proper with DD/MM/YYYY. Firefox Javascript tests good. Tried to change language, then locale parameters through advanced configuration, to success. All dates (added, modified) showing as MM/DD/YYYY.
  • I too would like the UI "Date Added" "Date Modified" etc to use the ISO format YYYY.MM.DD (as does my OS settings, but US English) instead of m/d/yyyy. Not sure how to do that- seems a setting in Preferences would be helpful?
  • I was getting the date format previously in the d/m/y style. My windows machine is probably set to American. The latter format is prehistoric, they never changed to metric either. In order to get the y/m/d style on Zotero I set my language preference in the Preferences, Advanced, to Canadian English (Canada). It worked like a charm. (I had already introduced some in the latter where I could. Don't think that had an effect.)
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