Magic wand at

I've mentioned it elsewhere -> e.g., some of us can't use Zotero at work because,
1.) No local install allowed
2.) Bookmarklet (to alternatively add citations to won't do when forced to use IE as a browser
3.) Even if it would, some institutions anything that triggers the proxy.

So I was "wand"ering -> could not include the magic wand - plug in a PMID or DOI there and we outlanders could use Zotero at work to add citations (somewhere)...


  • Hm. No sorcerers in the house?
  • Work is currently ongoing to add a lot of functionality to the Zotero Online Library. I’m not sure if this part of that or when any changes might be released, but I’m fairly certain this is at least being considered.
  • You could also try installing the browser connectors, which can import directly to the Zotero server if you don’t have a local Zotero program open.
  • (connectors won't work if you need to use IE, though).
    If you're willing to use DOIs, you could also just collect a list of DOIs (e.g. in a google doc) and then import them in bulk when you're back at a computer that does let you use Zotero.
  • Sorry, missed the IE bit.
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