Is there still a bookmarklet?

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    First, thanks a lot for Zotero 5.

    The upgrade went fine on my 2 Computers, no problems on that.

    As I work also on computers where I can't install any software and my admins won't let me have Zotero installed, I have now problems to use it.

    Is there still a bookmarklet to be used?

    Do I have the possibility to open Zotero via Internet and add citations by copying the links of a source into Zotero?
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    @HThole: If you could use the Firefox extension before, you can still use the Zotero Connector for Firefox (or Chrome, or Safari) and save directly to your online library from the there. No need for the bookmarklet, which is much more limited.

    The results saving from the connector may not always be as good — e.g., you won't always get PDFs (and will never get snapshots) — but we're working to improve that.
  • Not directly related, but @HThole mentioned it. Some of us are stuck with the bookmarklet option because of institutional restrictions, i.e. no extension installing allowed, no local Zotero allowed (see;
    hadn't tested it for a while, but the problems still remain.
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    The bookmarklet has no relation to 5.0, though. If you could use Zotero 4.0 for Firefox, you can use the Zotero Connector for Firefox.
  • No not related - just saw the keyword "bookmarklet" and had to comment :)
    BTW. A lot of institutions only allow Internet Explorer nothing else. Getting citations into Zotero at work would then be only via bookmarklet via, and back home we would then of course use Zotero 5!
  • @dstillman: I'm not able to install anything on my Firefox at work, the only way is to use the bookmarklet. I also can't use a mobile Firefox with Zotero Connetor installed in it, as the use of Software on a Stick is prohibited.

    Would be genious if I could open Zotero in the Web in simply drag a PDF or a URL to it and Zotero would fetch the Citation - or is that possible by now?
  • just to be clear, the bookmarklet still exists and works: just not in the special case of skreisel who is also forced onto IE
  • @adamsmith: Great, I just noticed that in this minute... So I seem to have no problem.
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