BibTeX key changed after I imported a bib file

I am new to Zotero, and have just imported my BibTeX file containing over 2000 references into Zotero.
After making some changes, I exported back from Zotero to BibTeX. Strangely, I noticed that all citation-keys have changed! For example, instead of yoon2008participatory, I have yoon_participatory_2008.
I do not care much about the citation format, but, I already have papers written in LaTeX that use the old citation keys. This means these files will not work with the new BibTeX file I export from Zotero!
Is there a way to tell Zotero to keep my old citation keys as they are?

NOTE: I found , where you can make the citation keys fixed. However, I do not see how to keep the citation keys as they are in my old BibTeX file.
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