Remove doi number from reference list


Are there any settings that remove that DOI numbers shows up in the reference list?

  • sure, but that depends on the citation style you're using and without knowing that we can't help.
    If it is for a specific journal, do you want those changes as the style is not correct? In that case we can put in a fix. If not, have a look for a similar style here:
  • Great, I use APA or Cell, and I do not want the DOI number to show.
  • There's an APA style without DOI available:

    in APA, you can just delete this line the two times it appears
    <text variable="DOI" prefix=""/>

    General instructions for citation style editing are here:

    I don't see DOIs in Cell.

    (as a general note I'll say that I think it's a very bad idea to remove DOIs from references. I (and many others) would argue they are the single most important component of a reference today).
  • Please be certain that the publisher wants the _manuscript_ to be submitted without DOIs. Even if the journal article is printed without DOIs, reviewers of the manuscript need a simple path to viewing the cited references.
  • The APA style without DOI is perfect. Thanks!
    Then I can easily change back and forth from the APA with or without DOI, depending on the journal.
  • "An unexpected error occurred" when I tried to install the style on my second computer using the Standalone 5. What can I do about this?
  • how are you installing this exactly? Through the connector or some other way?
  • Exactly the same way as I did it on my desktop computer where it worked.
    I now tried both these methods without any luck
    "double-click the downloaded file while Zotero Standalone is running to install it"
    "CSL styles (with a “.csl” extension) can also be added through the Style Manager, found under the “Styles” tab of the “Cite” pane in the Zotero preferences panel"
  • while that should work, could you try installing by having the Zotero connector and Standalone running and then just clicking the style? That's one of the things 5.0 is now able to do without those awkward install procedures.

    If that doesn't work, make sure you don't have any custom styles that you don't have saved elsewhere, then reset styles from the advanced tab of the Zotero preferences.
  • Works now, thanks Adam!
  • hey, could you upload an APA-no-DOI-with-issue version?
  • Is there a specific journal looking for such a style? If not, it’s unlikely that more variant APA styles would be added to the repository. Particularly considering that the DOI is generally considered the single most important piece of information in the reference, as it (not volume, issue, or page number) uniquely identifies the reference and permits better citation tracking.
  • Looking at some papers, including one by yourself (Body Resposiveness Questionnaire - Benedek T Tihanyi et al), it uses DOIs.
  • in a recent revision for another paper, they required a DOI free version but with issues.
  • Their author guidelines also point to examples using DOIs (e.g., Citation Machine). Please confirm directly with the journal that DOIs must be removed (include links to their other published papers including them) versus that they are simply optional.
  • Can someone upload a version for the APA 6th style without DOI? I still need the issues just want to get rid of the DOI, because my teacher like this. I think my teacher doesn't care about "uniquely identifies citation tracking", but cares more about looking beautiful as without doi it appears simplistic.

    So could someone make me a style without DOI?
  • we can't really make custom styles for everyone based on faculty whims -- are you sure you can't just use the version without issue numbers? APA style doesn't include issues for the majority of journals (all that number pages consecutively for an entire year).
  • @adamsmith Firstly, I don't care who are you but you can't represent everyone by using "We can't". I'm asking for anyone who "can" help to make me one. If you don't have the skills needed to help, you don't need to answer.
    Secondly, you are trying to imposing your perference over me. Why our perference for a neat and tidy reference is "whims"? Since the DOI is not mandatary, and it makes clutter, so everyone's preferences on whether to include it or not should not be discriminated or prejudiced.
    Lastly, I can't use the version without issue numbers. My teacher gives us several APA examples, and they clearly have issue numbers. So it's better safe than sorry to include issue numbers but just remove the DOI.
  • DOIs are mandatory in APA style (as is, btw. omitting issue numbers for journals that are paginated by volume even though Zotero can't automate that).

    Absolutely, you can hope that someone else will help you with your request.
    When I say "we" I'm referring to the relatively small group of people who have both the skills and are willing to help with style requests. I know everyone who does this with any regularity, so I wanted to manage your expectations.
  • BTW, DOI cost money. It reads on their website "2. How much does it cost to get a DOI and use the DOI system? The cost of registering new DOI names depends on the services you purchase. Contact a DOI Registration Agency to discuss your options." It implies that publichers who don't want to pay them or can't afford to pay, can't get a doi.

    So by including the doi, it seems my paper will support the doi system that they are becoming a monopoly in the academy community. However, I believe the academy community should be more open and diverse.
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    @getridodoi Although I find myself wondering if you are serious or simply writing outrageous things to troll; I will treat your comments as real.

    DOIs do cost publishers but the cost is reasonable when you consider the computing infrastructure involved with making the DOI linking system operate quickly and robustly. Also, it is possible to obtain a DOI from certain entities at no or _very_ low cost. DOIs are a convenience -- a simple way to easily jump to a document online no matter where that document is stored. Before you become more emotional about you initial dislike of DOIs please do a little more research on the topic. I think your opinion will change when you achieve a better understanding of how the system works. There is no monopoly involved but there is an agreement among document creators and document distributors that in an ideal world there would be a single identifier that -- even if the publisher's website structure may change or even if the publisher itself changes -- will allow easy and direct access to the desired document.

    If your school demands a non-standard citation style it shouldn't require great effort to edit your reference list as the last step before you turn in your report. Even if you have 100 references the time required to deleat theDOIs from every record might take 2 minutes.

    If many students have the same style requirement you might consider pooling your resources to pay someone to adapt a custom style from APA6. The cost would be no more than US$150. Probably less--I have paid for complex custom styles and I've been pleased with the result. If you and your colleagues don't want to pay, you could learn to use the CSL style editor to make your own custom style. I have done this with simple changes to APA 6 and didn't need to stretch my dendrites too far. (I'm _not_ willing to do custom style work for your situation.) I understand your pain concerning an inflexable faculty member wanting her very own unique citation style. At my university the problem was colons, semicolons, and flavors of dashes.

    Please also consider what was required to write a paper 25 to 30 years ago. When I was in college I had to find relevant references by examining annual printed indexes. I had to go to the library shelves and find printed copies of the journal articles before I would take detailed notes on index cards -- being careful to get all the metadata correct. It was common to be required to visit a second university library because the libraries wouldn't all subscribe to the same 2nd tier journals from every scientific discipline. I had to use a typewriter to type my paper. Formatting the body of the paper with citations was tedious. Serious errors might require retyping several pages to make a correction. There was no automation of the reference list. Everything was done by hand Very careful work was needed to format and punctuate each reference.
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    @DWL-SDCA Yes, there are advantages for using the doi like you mentioned. like "single identifier", "easy to direct". But there are also disadvantages, like it "takes place on paper" and it "relies too much on a single website (". I think we'd better keep our preferences without trying to impose each other's opinion.

    @adamsmith If you are a "small group of people who have the skills" you should be more careful about your knowledge. I don't know the source where you get the incorrect knowledge "DOIs are mandatory in APA style".

    I just done some research. In the APA's official book Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Six Edition on page 189, it reads "We recommend that when DOIs are available, you include them for both print and electronic sources". Note that even though it's recommend, but not mandatory.
  • @getridofdoi

    Did you actually see the 4th post in this thread? that's an APA style without the DOI.
    You either now just add the issue in (super easy) or you do it the smart way and compare the two styles (standard APA vs the no-issue-no-doi APA) and adapt it accordingly....
  • With due respect, you are misreading the APA guidelines. DOIs are mandatory when they exist.

    As adamsmith stated, they are the single most important piece of modern references. is not “one website”. DOI is an international standard and part of the broader HDL handle system to provide unique identifiers. It’s not going anywhere and is inherently more stable and more reliable than any other available locator system (including just providing journal names and volume/page numbers).
  • As adamsmith stated, they are the single most important piece of modern references.
    an opinion, btw., shared by the APA editors:
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    @bwiernik I can't find the word "mandatory" in the your link to the blog. However, in this link , which is the APA's official website rather than a personal blog, they do write "We recommend that ...". If we do not misreading these sources, the usage of doi should be "recommend" rather the nonexistent "mandatory".

    So the key question is who owns the resolving information/database. If only a centralized party like owns the database, and if it's down doi is useless. By using journal names and volumes, the information is distributed/decentralized, and if one library is down the journal names and volumes system still works.
  • APA doesn't use the word mandatory for anything, but on p. 11 of the APA Style Guide to Electronic References (published in 2012 as a supplement to the 6th edition of the manual) it unambiguously states:
    Include the DOI in the reference if one is assigned
    This is also in line with the editorial practice of APA journals (where bwiernik regularly publishes) and with direct communication with APA editorial staff. This is really not an open question.

    As damnation points out above, you can customize citation styles all you want -- it's free software -- so go and implement your preferences as you please, just don't expect others to do it for you.

    At this point you're wasting people's time and this is not a discussion forum but a tech support forum, so I suggest you leave it at this or at some point a moderator will decide you've wasted enough people's time.
  • Hi guys, does zotero also offer the vancouver style without DOI? Thanks.
  • Sorry I meant the "l [Internet]. 2017 Feb 26 [cited 2017 Mar 26]; Available from:"
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