5.0 beta launching problem


I am running the latest (I think) beta on Ubuntu and as of today, when I try to run Zotero I get the following error message:

There was an error starting Zotero.

Error: Could not open connection to /media/fheimburger/ZOTBASE/Zotero/zotero.sqlite: 2152857611
From previous event:
From previous event:
From previous event:
From previous event:
From previous event:

The only options are "quit" or "search for updates" (I did, there weren't any).
Is this something to do with file formats/drives under Linux? I would be grateful for any pointers.
  • We need to fix that error message, but that's actually a corrupted database. You should make a backup of the zotero.* files in your Zotero data directory and then try swapping in one of the automatic backups — named zotero.sqlite.bak or zotero.sqlite.1.bak — for zotero.sqlite.

    Did anything happen recently that might have led to a corrupted database? Zotero crash, OS crash, unplugged drive, etc.?
  • Thanks Dan. It's a shared partition which I access both from Ubuntu and from Windows7 and that is probably where the problem comes from.
    I restarted under windows, the system disk scan found some errors on the shared partition and fixed them and now all is working again, both under Linux and Windows
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