Zotero 5: Firefox plugin stop detecting web page type after a while

After a while, Zotero Firefox plugin stop detecting the web page type and fall back on "web page with snapshot". Clicking on the button to try to save the page don't do anythings. Restarting the browser fix the issue for a moment.

I first opened the bug: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/65695/zotero-5-firefox-plugin-cant-save-pdf-open-in-firefox-built-in-reader

But then I realize the problem occur with any type of page (book on amazon, PDF, article, ...).

On the other tread I post a Debug ID D886312143 that record the following actions after the problem occur:
- Went on the tab with the PDF open in the build-in PDF reader
- Click on the Zotero Icon
  • A couple of things to try in such cases:
    - Try disabling other extensions to see if they interfere with normal working of Zotero connector
    - Try resetting translators from the connector preferences
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    I try to reset the translators, didn't works.

    I can't disable my others extensions for hours before the bug show up (I use them to work).

    The Debug ID log was showing some error about translation.
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    Actually, next time this occurs, could you see if all tabs are affected? I.e. whether the issue is present in new tabs too?

    A fresh Debug ID would be useful too, as we've updated the connector to log some additional info. Specifically capturing the debug output of a broken tab refresh would be great.
  • I can confirm all tabs are affected.
    I will capture a new Debug ID when it occur again.
  • Didn't append again for the moment. Classic, when you are ready to catch a bug... it's afraid and hide.
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