Adding a custom information field

  • +1 Pease give us custom fields.

    If not, could you please consider making some (less important) fields available in all item type (e.g. archive, archive location, library catalogue, call number) so we can use these as custom fields?
  • Just hoping for custom columns/fields in Zotero sometime! For myself I would like to record both the date added to Zotero (which is already present) and the date I actually read the paper (in the custom column). "Date Modified" is also already present, but if I ever make any changes to the notes on a paper (which I do) then that throws this out the window...

    FYI, I already use the "Extra" column for other purposes. Why just not have Extra1, Extra2, Extra3, Extra4, Extra5? A little clumsy but would be seriously helpful.
  • Some examples of fields I would need:

    Translated title (usually the translation into English of a title in another language, required by English-language journals).
    Non-English abstract (the abstract in a language other than English when the English abstract is algo given)
    Translated author (transliteration, to be able to use either the author's Latin or non Latin name according to journal requirements)
    M/F (to register author's gender and analyze bias)
    Author address (email and affiliation for authos)
    Author OrcID
    Special issue title (in addition to series)
    Publisher address

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