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This discussion was created from comments split from: Zotero 5 enhancement request.
  • Another enhancement request: The search engine for Search Forums searches full text, but it would be helpful if there could be the capacity to search discussion forum titles only as an option. Additionally, a browseable and sortable (date, title) list of discussion forum titles would be helpful. It would make it easier for Neophyte users (this seems to be my moniker) to find the appropriate forum discussion to rather utopian ideas.
  • Yet another! It seems hard to search for people. I can't even find myself! This isn't, perhaps, a Zotero 5 request, but I'd unclear how to find specific people and I don't see documentation on this. Most of the searching documentation is on searching within a database (and rightly so).
  • (people search is effectively broken -- there are no instructions that can help here. Separate from the 5.0 release, but this should get fixed as the website gets updated. It will also increase in importance with the My Publications feature)
  • Re: enhancement request for search forums: it does support exact quote searches, thus I was able to find "Is it possible to merge an Endnote library into a Zotero library?" but likelihood of posts to the proper thread would be enhanced by TI="content" capacity with FT (full text) the default.
  • I know this thread is a couple years old, but I was just wondering whether any progress had been made for improving the people search? I am trying to invite students to join a group for my course, but I can't find any of them to invite! I have sent them all e-mails invitations and am hoping for the best . . . Once we're all in a group, it works great. It's getting them into the group that can be tricky. Thanks!
  • I generally recommend using emails to invite people to groups.
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