[Suggestion] Pressing enter or tab in the search field to focus the main pane

Searching for a keyword and then browsing the results is a common operation and it would be great if this workflow was made easier from the keyboard. I think it would be highly useful to be taken to the main pane after pressing enter or tab in the search field, instead of having to reach for the mouse.

# Enter
Zotero already searches as I type, so the current functionality of pressing enter in the search field is redundant. On the other hand, there is currently shortcut for navigating to the main pane, so it is not possible to search for an item and then browse the results without using the mouse (ok, there is one way, you could press shift-tab 4 times...).

# Tab
Pressing tab once currently takes me to the library pane, for which there already exists a keyboard shortcut, so this is also redundant. Changing the tab order so that the main pane is one tab after the search field would be a convenient and simple solution.

This is related to, but possible simpler than https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/64367/suggestion-add-shortcut-for-focusing-to-the-main-middle-pane#latest
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