[Suggestion] Add shortcut for focusing to the Main (middle) pane

edited February 12, 2017
Currently there is a shortcut for focusing to the library pane (Crtl+Shit+L), but there is no such key combination to focus the Main (middle) pane with the items. It would be great if a shortcut could be added for this, so that it is possible to quickly jump between different collections and items.

This would also improve the search experience, as it is currently not possible to quickly navigate from a search to its results without using the mouse. I suggest (Ctrl+Shift+:) as the default shortcut, since this is one key right of the default library shortcut and the onscreen navigation from the Library pane to the Main pane is also to the right.

An alternative approach would be to change the current tab cycling order so that the Main pane was one tab press after search and two after the library pane.
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