Bulk import of references from papers into your Zotero Library

I always wanted to be able to import the entire reference section of a paper into my own Zotero library. I finally found the best tool to do just that:


Step (1): Copy the list of references from a PDF paper and past these into Notepad
Step (2): Remove spurious newline characters until you have all references on one line like this with references separated by empty lines. Example: (of cause this website brakes the lines again in display, but you get the idea.

Thompson, D.; Sagar, P. (1999). Are our estuaries wader-friendly? Water & Atmosphere 7(3): 10–12.

Schwarz, A.-M.; Parker, S.; Grose, M. (2005). Estuary monitoring by communities. NIWA Information Series No. 56. 8 p.

Step(3): Copy the whole reference section that you now have in txt format into the website: https://anystyle.io/

It will parse the references into what you expect. Download the result as BibTex file on the site.

Import into Zotero, Presto!!!

When will Zotero get its own text reference parser that would permit this directly???
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