Removing the URL from records other than websites


Not I am using the CSL style "Social Studies of Science". Is there a opporturnity to exclude the URL from the bibliography for ressources other than websites. I am try to remove the URL from my bibliography for books and articles (starting with Available from...). Here are suchs references I want to change:

Brunelli M (2015) Introduction to the analytic hierarchy process. Heidelberg, New York, Dordrecht, London: Springer. Available from: (accessed 24 January 2017).

Collett SR (2007) Strategies to manage wet litter. In: Proceedings of the 19th Australian Poultry Science Symposium, Sydney: University Publishing Services, pp. 134–144. Available from: (accessed 19 November 2016).

Removing the URL from each record manually would take to long.
  • Maybe this is easier to program: I use the CSL style "Cell" but for webpages, the URL and the date of access is not included. Is there an option to include these two variables for webpages?
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    The "Social Studies of Science" style is actually a dependent style of SAGE Harvard.
    As far as I see it it does the formatting correctly and for normal books (Your Brunelli citation is a book) it doesn't give an url. Can you check in Zotero if it correctly has it categorised as a book and NOT a website?
    if you mean the URLs after journal articles, here's an easy fix that gets rid of them. Line 65 is now: <if type="webpage">

    Before it was putting URLs, whenever there was one in Zotero. Now it only adds the URL bit if it's a webpage you saved in Zotero.
  • Also check the Cite tab of the Zotero preferences. The option to "Include URLs of paper articles in references" should be unchecked.
  • Yes, it is categorised correctly as a book and has two attachments (pdf and snapshot). Could the attachments be a problem?
  • I'd actually start differently here:
    When a book has a URL, Zotero assumes it is an e-book and prints URLs in the vast majority of styles. I'd very much recommend cleaning up your data rather than manually fixing (almost) every citation style that you're going to use. Sure, might be some work in the short term, but much better in the long term.
    For the 2nd example, though, I think you'll want to include the URL, since that's clearly where you consulted/found that PDF.
  • Thank you very much. works, the option "Include URLs of paper articles in references" should was unchecked. Anyway it works :-)
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