original dates of publication

Is there any way to include an original date of publication? For example, 1991 [1962].

I know there hasn't been in the past but I'm hoping it's been developed - kind of essential for a lot of academic bibliographies. Any info appreciated! Thanks!
  • Put it in the Extra field like this:
    original-date: 1864
  • (works only in some selected styles, though -- the Chicago Manuals ones and APA among the most prominent)
  • It you need another style, let us know and we can help you to modify it.
  • How would I make this work with ASA (american sociological association)?
    I found the style editor but have no idea where to go from here . . thanks!
  • Can you post an example of how these should appear in the in text citation and the bibliography?
  • Sorry for interfering but I have a related question.

    I have added original-date: 1991 to the Extra field but when I cite using the APA style I only get the English publication date. See:
    Boltanski, L., & Thévenot, L. (2006). On justification: Economies of worth. (C. Porter, Trans.). Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.
    Am I missing something?
  • Do you have anything else in Extra? Does it work if you put original-date: 1991 on the first line of Extra? What version of Zotero are you running (and do you have the Propachi plugin installed? if so, which version?)
  • I have the Propachi plugin version 1.1.13 installed. I run the Zotero standalone version . I have nothing else in the Extra and the entry is in the first line with no empty spaces or the like.
  • You're on Windows, right? There should be a version of Standalone. Start by updating to that.
  • Yes, I'm on Windows 7. An admin updated Zotero Standalone to version for me. Unfortunately, the problem still persists. Is the Propachi plugin version 1.1.13 perhaps the culprit?
  • Probably. The current version is 1.1.77

    (Given that you use APA, you may want to use the uppercase version)
  • or not use propachi at all -- apart from the uppercase version (which uppercases the first letter of subtitles), normally there's no reason to run this. It's main function is for testing citeproc fixes and to make patches available to people who urgently need them.
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    Great. It's working now for me.
    Boltanski, L., & Thévenot, L. (2006). On justification: Economies of worth. (C. Porter, Trans.). Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press. (Original work published 1991)
    @adamsmith Without propachi-upper I have to manually change the first letter of all subtitles to uppercase. After a while, it amounts to quite a lot of work. I therefore am grateful for that plugin. :)
  • I have the same question about making the extra field work with ASA (American Sociological Association) for inserting original dates correctly in-text and bibliography. The thread seems to have disappeared. Many thanks in advance for your help and time.
  • The original date variable will only appear if support for it has been added to the .csl style. ASA currently doesn’t have that programmed. How should original year appear in the citation and bibliography?
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    Hi bwiernk,

    For ASA:

    Polanyi ([1944] 2001)

    Polanyi, Karl. [1944] 2001. The Great Transformation: The Political and Economic Origins of Our Time. Boston: Bean Press.

    Updating Zotero to accommodate the original publication for works in ASA style would be excellent.

  • (I'll look at this)
  • Much appreciated.
  • The style is now fixed. The updated version will appear on the repository within 30mins (check the timestamp). Update your copy of the style by clicking "Update Now" in the General tab of the Zotero preferences.

    Styles also update automatically within 24hs
    In an existing document, you may have to switch to a different style and back for the changes to take effect once the style is updated.
  • Thanks, man. A ton of sociology nerds are going to appreciate this.
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    Is there any Harvard style that would work with this ?
    (I tried the Cranfield one and it doesn't seem to work)

    Or: how can I edit it in in my own style (a solution that I actually would prefer)?
  • ASA, APA, and Chicago (author-date) are all Harvard styles.

    When editing a style, you just need to use <date variable="original-date" form="text"/> for the original date, there's nothing special to using this (and other) variable specified in "Extra"
  • For an edition of Vitruvius I have entered

    original-date: 1826

    in the Extra field.

    Original date is outputting for Chicago 17th author-date style but not for Chicago 17th Full note:

    Marcus Vitruvius Pollio. (1826) 1874. The Architecture of Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, Tr. by J. Gwilt. http://archive.org/details/architecturemar02pollgoog.

    Marcus Vitruvius Pollio. The Architecture of Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, Tr. by J. Gwilt, 1874. http://archive.org/details/architecturemar02pollgoog.

    I'm running version 5.0.65 on Mac OS 10.10.5.
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    Hi everyone,

    following "adamsmith" (thank to him) one would be able to add this original date of publication simply by adding this command line in the CSL file :

    date variable="original-date" form="text"

    Actually, I would like to add the date just after the title, this way :

    Theodor Haecker, Virgile, père de l’Occident [1931], trad. Claude Martingay, Genève, Ad solem, 2007.

    I think I need to add these prefix and suffix :

    date variable="original-date" form="text" prefix="[" suffix="]"

    But where do I past this line ? and where will I find the place to fill the form in zotero afterwards (does it add automatically depending on the style ?).

    Thanks a lot
  • You add the date as
    original-date: 1826
    in the Extra field in Zotero. Where to add the original date depends on the style you're starting out with.
  • Hello, may I ask if you can store more than one information in the Extra field? Would it be possible to create the "original-data" as a standard field in Zotero?
  • You can store more than one, yes (each on a new line) and the field will be integrated into Zotero, yes.
  • Thank you for the clarification. I had the OCLC numbers already stored and I needed to add original dates.
  • Hi, thanks for this discussion.
    I'm using Chicago, and when I add a date in the extra, Zotero adds "repr":

    Jean-François Lyotard, The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge, trans. Geoffrey Bennington and Brian Massumi (1979; repr., Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1984).

    and in the bibliography its:
    Lyotard, Jean-François. The Postmodern Condition: A Report on Knowledge. Translated by Geoffrey Bennington and Brian Massumi. 1979. Reprint, Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 1984.

    But in this example, it's not reprinted. It's just the original date of publication version. so, a question and a suggestion:
    1 - can I change this?
    2 - maybe it is advisable that, whenever a translator is added, the "repr" won't show. I think in most citations I know (in the humanities) people use "first published".


    a f
  • Would it be possible to just put both years in the Date field?
    For example, per Chicago style: [1907] 2010

    As of now, this method will not parse correctly; if I simply place "[1907] 2010" in the date field, then the Chicago styles of Zotero simply generate citations and bibliography using the "1907" year and ignore the 2010 altogether.

    (I understand the solution of using the "Extra" field, but I would rather use that field for my summaries of articles and books, and thus for generating annotated bibliographies).

    Thank you for any guidance....
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