Storage folders' name cusomization

Can we change the way Zotero creates the storage folders' name?
The idea is to mirror the Zotero's Library structure into the storage folder so literature from the same author are kept in the same folder.
  • You can accomplish something along this line with the Zotfile plugin:
  • Note that, while we're hoping to make the folder naming within the storage folder a bit more human-friendly in the future, because of how Zotero collections work it's not possible to mirror the structure in the filesystem without duplicating files:
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    Fixed with @bwiernik tip below
    Many thanks, Zotfile is very helpful & easy.
    After study and tested I configured like this:
    But, still figuring out how to make Zotero uses author as folder's name.
  • In the Zotfile preferences, under Location of Files, set the "Use subfolder defined by" setting to: %a
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    Dear @dstillman and @bwiernik - by now the issue persists, an "undefined" folder is always placed no matter I change the "Use subfolder defined by".
    I sent a report number "604095083" for verification.
    macOs 10.13.3, Chrome, Zotero and Zotfile 5.0.6.
    Important: this occurs when I slide/drop a PDF file into a Title of an item.
    I run a couple of tests and the issue seems to be related to the "%c" wildcard.
    With %a alone it works fine. But when %c is added (/%c/%a or %c/%a) the problem start and when moving files, the zotfile creates the "undefined" folder (../zotero/sotrage/undefined/%c/%a or ../zotero/undefined/%c/%a)
    Is there anything I might be doing wrong? Can you help?
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