Editing Chicago to include extra fields

I know that Chicago does not handle legal cases well.
I work with old legal cases - mostly from the OldBailey online court records though also from colonial Virginia and early New South Wales.

For example, I am using this case: https://www.oldbaileyonline.org/browse.jsp?id=t16780116-9&div=t16780116-9
It imports with the name as "Theft>Shoplifting", adds Old Bailey to the Court, t16780116-9 to the docket number, and the date of the trial to the date decided. But when I create a footnote (Chicago full note) I get this:
Theft>Shoplifting (Old Bailey 1678).

Is there a way I can force Zotero to include the full date and the docket number to my citation?
  • How should the citation look?
  • From what I can tell, It should end up like this:

    Case Title (Italics), Docket number (Court Location, full date)
    Theft>Shoplifting (Italics), t16780116-9 (OldBailey, 16 January 1678)
  • Any ideas?
  • sorry, didn't post here -- Chicago Manual now has much better support for court cases. Not sure how perfect that comes out for Old Bailey, though.
  • I will have a play and give you feedback.
  • @legna If you are citing law from multiple periods with differing citation conventions, you should take a look at Juris-M. That is one of the tasks it is designed for.
  • (Current Juris-M will not cite those cases correctly out of the box, but if you advise on the cite forms, we can tune them with some precision.)
  • @fbennett - Oh wow.... thank you. Will it integrate my current zotero database? As a historian I use a lot of non-legal sources too.
  • Yes. It is sync-compatible with Zotero, and uses a separate database in the PC. Legal styles are defined according to jurisdiction, and can be added to any CSL style without major modifications.
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