Batch insert citations

Hi again. I'm trying to convert to Zotero from Endnote. In Endnote I usually control click to select a bunch of references, then in the Endnote toolbar in word choose "Insert selected citations". Is there an equivalent way to do this with Zotero? The closest I have is to use the classic insert citation dialog and choose multiple citations, this lets me see al my groups which is great, but I can only add multiple citations one by one. Is there a way I can can quickly select a bunch of references and insert them in one go?
  • Other question, is there a way to apply paragraph formatting to a bibliography? Eg. sometimes it helps to be able to set a hanging indent for references so that the second line onwards of a reference are indented. Endnote has a clumsy way of doing this but I can't seem to find a way in Zotero.
  • Oh, and what about line spacing - can I change line spacing for a bibliography?
  • No to batch inserting citations. Both hanging indent and line spacing can be edited in the citation style.
    has general instructions. Easiest way is likely to use the linked visual editor. To get to the relevant settings, click on "Bibliography" on the left, then set haning-indent to true on the bottom right and play with the entry-spacing and line-spacing settings as needed.
  • OK, thanks. But I'm not clear - does the visual editor actually edit the style file as stored in the repository? I only really want to edit it locally for the paper, if I edit say line spacing on the ACS style, does it change the official ACS style?
  • no, of course we won't just let you edit official styles (there's a process to contribute, but every change is individually reviewed) -- you have to save & install the style (under "Style" at the top left)
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