Date (year) range

How am I supposed to enter a date range for an item (e.g. "1986-1987" for a book) and are there any styles that support date ranges? (I can't seem to find one that does.)
  • The problem is with the Zotero program, not the style. Zotero doesn't currently natively support date ranges. You can get date ranges to work, however, by adding the information to the Extra field in this format:

    issued: 2001-12-15/2001-12-31
  • Thanks! (I could have thought so myself.) Will Zotero 5.0 address this issue?
  • All CSL styles and all CSL processors support date ranges, it’s just Zotero that doesn’t.
    The only thing you can do, currently, is to insert a new line in Zotero’s “Extra” field, in the ISO 8601 format, like:
    issued: 1986/1987 or issued: 2014-01-28/2015-03-31
    and citeproc-js will be able to parse that (overriding anything found in the “Date” field itself, BTW).
    I really wish Zotero would fix this on their side though.
  • I imagine this will be fixed in Zotero 5.1 (when fields will get updated).
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