Format of date: Zotero standalone (Mac)

How do I persuade Zotero standalone to show UK time? Looking at the database in Firefox, it's got UK dates (e.g. today is 21/09/2016) - however, on the standalone one it's showing 09/21/2016.
Can I persuade the standalone to get UK dates?
  • Hi Emmadukew,

    This is a late reply but I wanted to post the solution to help not just you but others on a similar quest.
    I found it on this thread:
    Simon dated August 21, 2012

    "'s possible that Zotero Standalone isn't picking up your locale.
    In Zotero Standalone, open about:config (Preferences->Advanced->about:config), set intl.locale.matchOS to false, and set general.useragent.locale to en-GB and see if it makes things look like you want them to. If this is the issue, it's a bug we inherit from Mozilla and it's probably not going to be an easy fix."

    I'm using Zotero standalone (great program :) ) on Windows 10 and it won't pick up the locale settings from the OS.
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