New Field Request: citation count

I would like to suggest a new field to contain "citation count" such as provided in the lower left (left side of bottom line) of a Google Scholar result.

When using Zotero for my online, literature research, I often want to capture many citations into Zotero but at the same time would also like to capture citation count to allow me to prioritize which ones I should read and consider using first.

Rationale: For me, the number of citations (citation count) a publication (entry into my Zotero database) has received is a reflection of the visibility, interest, importance, acceptance by the field and potentially even quality (though it is typically impossible to a priori deconvolute all of these factors' relative contribution to the citation count).

To illustrate, article 1 and 2 are cited 189 and 1 times, respectively (at the time of the search) at,5

Accordingly, I think it would be valuable to have a Zotero field to capture citation count so that one could see and compare the citation counts from among a number of Zotero entries. It would help to prioritize the citations.

Actually, I would think it great if we could add our own fields to Zotero but this does not seem possible. Maybe this would break sharing?

  • The Zotero Google Scholar Citations plugin pulls citation count information from Google Scholar and adds it to the Extra field (which can be used for sorting).

    Be aware, though, that it is very easy to get locked out of Google for sending automated requests if you use the plugin to update a large number of items at once.
  • bwiernik, Thank you for your reply.

    I usually use Zotero standalone...but I would be willing to use this addon with Zotero in Firefox on segments of my library if the Google scholar citation counts could later be used in Zotero standalone. I will try it out.

    I am surprised citation count is not more coveted (though I accept it is an imperfect measure of quality).
  • the add-on works for Standalone, too. Just download the file by right-click --> Save as on the Add to Firefox button and the install from Tools --> Add-ons in Zotero by clicking on the little tool icon and selecting "Install from File"
  • edited October 6, 2016
    I love the zotero-scholar-citations add-on! This is just what I needed. I suggest this as a must have (add-on) feature for Zotero.

    Thank you
    - Anton Beloglazov for writing it
    - bwiernik for bringing it to my attention
    - adamsmith for explaining that it also work in Zotero standalone

  • zotero-scholar-citations version 1.9.3 works well with zotero standalone 5.0 (I'm using zotero 5.0.54).
  • An update, almost a year after the above: version 2.0.3 works well with Zotero standalone 5.0.72.

    I further note that after one "prove you're not a robot" Captcha event, I was able to update 90 items at a time without further Captcha triggering.
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