[5.0b r40] R-Click on PDF in library to capture metadata

When I right-click on a PDF file to capture metadata the pdf document opens as though I left-clicked the item. If I hold down the right-click button I can follow the dropdown menu and select the retrieve metadata item (but the document nonetheless opens). I was able to capture metadata when using r39)

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    I'd try restarting your computer or disabling other software — I'd be very surprised if this were a Zotero issue. (Also, presumably you mean "as though I double-clicked the item"? A single-left click doesn't open the PDF.)
  • No I mean a single click. I'll restart my computer tomorrow before I do anything and if the problem persists I'll send you a video. Thanks.
  • Pretty sure I understand what you're reporting. I'm just saying that "the pdf document opens as though I left-clicked the item" doesn't really make sense, since you have to double-click a PDF in Zotero to open it — a single left click just selects the item in the items list, or does nothing if the item is already selected.
  • Sorry about the lengthy delay.

    After a computer restart and opening a fresh Firefox:

    The first time I right click on a pdf I am able to give the command to retrieve metadata. However the next time I right-click on a pdf I either get a dialog box or the pdf file opens. No double click (left or right)

    See debug, and two screen movies below.




  • Oh, so the action that's occurring isn't really important — it's just that it's acting as if you selected the option from the context menu that's horizontally in line with the cursor. In other words, this is the behavior you'd get if you right-clicked, held the button down, moved the cursor slightly to the right, and let go.

    I don't how this would be caused by Zotero, since this is just standard Mozilla functionality. Are you saying that this doesn't happen in the context menu of the web page background in Firefox or any other context menu in Firefox (e.g., in the bookmarks manager)? Make sure you try clicking towards the bottom of the screen so it positions menu options next to the cursor.
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