[5.0 Beta] Easy to mistakenly select menu item on Mac


I have been using Zotero 5 for a couple of days now and regularly select menu items that I don't want to select. The menus seem to be too sensitive. That didn't happen in Zotero 4. Here is how it usually happens on my Macbook Pro.

Right Click Item, Zotero immediately selects the menu item below my curser. I don't get a chance to select the one I actually want. I have to be extremely careful about right-clicking the correct way. For example, on MacBooks you can use two fingers to just tab on the touchpad or you can actually click with two fingers. Padding is fine, clicking often creates the problem but not always. I can carefully use the two-finger-click but I regularly fail.

Is this something others are experiencing as well? Certainly wasn't the case in v4 and it makes working with v5 very cumbersome.

Macbook Pro
macOS Sierra 10.12
Zotero 5.0-beta.r65
(same problem with Zotero Standalone and Zotero Firefox)
  • Sounds like the same issue as https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/comment/261386/#Comment_261386, but I can't reproduce it, and not sure if @DWL-SDCA is still experiencing it. Same questions for you.
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    I am still having the problem with the FF version. [edit: but I hadn't been using the FF version regularly.] I've not had the problem when using the 5 standalone. (At least I don't think so. I learned to get around the problem by holding down the right mouse button, dragging, and releasing the button when the correct option is highlighted. That process has become almost automatic for me now. I'm not at my Mac right now but I will be able to test in a few hours.)
  • I can confirm that the drop-down menu with FF 5 beta r67 works as it should. I have no problems with the right-click drop-down menu. I'm not sure when that began to work normally because of the way I was using the R-click as I commented above. Also, after I began using Z-SA I rarely was using the FF add-on. (I _really_ am pleased with Z-stand alone.)

    How about the SA beta?
    I had not upgraded the SA and it was still on r63 when the right-click was working normally (mentioned above). I updated to r67 and the R-click drop-down and select continues to work as designed.
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