Error connecting to server. Check your Internet connection.

Sync error with Firefox plugin. I have the white asterisk in the red circle. Have been getting it recently--but I have not been keeping a record of how often and when.

I already reset my computer and had Internet access before the reset and have access now.

Report ID: 1587660173 (3rd report ID for the same problem, sorry for the duplicates)

I realize I am approaching the limit on my 6 GB subscription. I think I have 0.2 GB left. I just put something that is 0.15 GBs in Zotero. maybe this is the problem?

I can upgrade to the unlimited GB plan. I looked into this. FYI, the prorated calculation described in the zotero FAQ didn't seem to factor in on the storage renewal screen with the purchase button.
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    [JavaScript Error: " uses an invalid security certificate.

    The certificate is only valid for the following names:

    Nothing to do with storage — this is likely a problem with your network connection. The technical explanation here is that, when your computer is doing a DNS lookup for, it's getting the IP address for another site, which is causing the above error (because Zotero actually ends up trying to connect to a totally unrelated website). If you view the error report, you can see the domain you're getting instead — assuming that's not your workplace (which would point to a different sort of configuration problem), this likely means that something on your computer or network (e.g., proxy server, router) is caching DNS lookups longer than it should.

    If you're still seeing this, open the Windows command prompt (Start -> Run -> cmd) and run the following command:

    Then copy and paste the output here.
  • Thank you very much!

    Indeed, the sync had no problem on a different network. After a router reset, the sync worked.
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