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    Hi all,

    I have created a brute-force solution for myself. Full disclosure: I'm a brand-new Zotero user, and I know nothing about CSL specifically. But having some experience with coding, I just pulled up the code for the full-note Chicago style (which already does support the Reprint functionality), and I searched for the bits of code in there that dealt with Reprint. Then I pasted those chunks into the Turabian code as best I could understand. As far as I can tell, this totally works. The link below is a public Google Doc with the code I used (changed bits highlighted).

    In order to use it:
    1. In Zotero, select Tools > Developer > Style Editor
    2. Select a style if one isn't already selected (doesn't matter which as we'll save a new one anyway)
    3. Select all of the code in the Zotero Style Editor window and backspace/delete it.
    4. Select & copy all of the code in my Google Doc (link below)
    5. Paste it in the Zotero Style Editor window and "Save as" a new style so that you can keep using it later. I saved mine in the same folder as the other styles and called it something like Turabian-8-Modified-for-reprint.csl
    6. Then switch your settings to use the new, modified Turabian style.
    7. In order to make the reprint information appear, type the original publishing year (e.g. 2006) in the "Extra" field like this: original-date: 2006
    (You must include "original-date: " before it.)

    The code also retains functionality for original publisher and place with the tags "original-publisher" and "original-publisher-place"--but I don't think that including those are actually proper according to Turabian style (it was easier to just leave that code in). (See in the Turabian 9th manual.)

    And, of course, bear in mind that Turabian is now in its 9th edition, which means you'll need to watch for changes from the 8th (mostly web-related citation details).
  • Thank you for this!
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