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I use Turabian's 7th edition style manual, and it calls for indicating when an edition is a reprint edition. I don't seem to be able to find any way to do reprint editions in Zotero.

Here are two sample footnotes:

Peter Ward Fay, The Opium War, 1840–1842 (1975; repr., Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1997), 67–68.

Michael David, Toward Honesty in Public Relations (Chicago: Condor Publications, 1968; repr., New York: B. Y. Jove, 1990), 134–56.

Here are two sample bibliographic entries:

Emerson, Ralph Waldo. Nature. 1836. Reprint, Boston: Beacon, 1985.

David, Michael. Toward Honesty in Public Relations. Chicago: Condor Publications, 1968. Reprint, New York: B. Y. Jove, 1990.

I believe it is now optional to include the original publisher. The 6th ed. of Turabian called for both. In the 7th ed., it appears that only the date is necessary.

Any idea how to make this work in Zotero? If not, I'd like to request that the functionality be added.
  • See the ticket for original date.

    With all of these item type issues it might be a good idea to take a quick look at the issues tagged schema update. Some of your requests are in there and some should probably get their own tickets.
  • Thanks for the links, Trevor. I didn't realize this was already being addressed.
  • Is there any update to this issue? I still cannot find original publisher etc. in the Zotero info field.
  • This will hopefully make it into Zotero 2.1 final. It is supported by CSL, so supporting it is relatively simple. See the types whiteboard for 2.1, a set of proposals-in-progress that will eventually lead to the set of schema changes that happen for 2.1.
  • I'm using the most current version of Zotero, and based on the tickets, it looks like this issue was addressed. However, I still don't see a way to add information about reprints. Could someone please advise?
  • no, that hasn't been implemented - which tickets do you see that suggest it has?
  • Ticket 1068 above addresses this, but it hasn't seen any action in 3 years. I'd love to see this come to something; I have a lot of situations where I cite a modern facsimile of a historical treatise. I want to let the reader know both how to find the modern printing and when the document itself was first printed.
  • original date will almost certainly make it together with the other planned field updates, there is no question it's needed. See my comment here: e.g.
  • I use a temporary kludge in the csl.

    I put the details of the reprint in the Extra field and then before the </layout> closing tag I insert:

    <text variable="note" prefix=". Reprint: " suffix="." />

    This seems to work but I'd be grateful for any more elegant solutions.
  • phulm, can you give an example of that? or has this feature already been added an I don't understand how to use it?
  • Am I correct in assuming that any further development on this is off the table? It's a really important feature to be missing. Especially for work in HISTORY, as in "Center for History and New Media".... c'mon guys... please?
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    no, you're not correct, you're just impatient ;)
  • Only because this whomper of a thesis will be finished by year end and I'm really hoping not to have to manually edit all my primary sources... Believe me I am so appreciative of the Zoteroan effort!!
  • Can I check if there has been any update on this issue?
  • Item fields/types will be updated finally in Zotero 5.1.

    It is possible currently to add original publication dates to the Extra field like this:
    original-date: 1865

    These will show up in supported styles. What exactly are you not able to format correctly currently?
  • Thanks for this news. Unfortunately your tip does not seem to work when I use the Chicago Style. Do you have any other indications.
  • definitely works in Chicago manual. Which version are you using? And you have this exactly as above in the Extra field?
  • Sorry to take so long to respond. I have been away from my PC: Zotero standalone is the one I use, 4.0.29. I use Chicago 17th edition.

    It produces this result:

    Baudrillard, Jean. 2003. Fragments. Conversations with François L’Yvonnet: Interviews with Jean Baudrillard/D’un Fragment & L’autre : Entretiens Avec François L’Yvonnet. Taylor & Francis Ltd.

    As you see, no indication of the orginal date (also no ISBN no, but that's another question).

    Do you know whether these issues are to be fixed in 5.1?
  • ISBN isn't used in the Chicago Manual.
    What exactly do you have in the Extra field?
  • original-date: 2010
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    and this is a book and the author-date version of Chicago, correct?
  • Yes, thanks for noting that.
  • Hi all, I am on the verge of submitting thesis and despite all comments finding it difficult to get original publication dates into acceptable Chicago 17 full note style ie with date in brackets. When I put original-date: 1931 this comes out Margery Allingham, Look to the Lady (1931; repr., London: Penguin, 1950). Could anyone point me to some instructions for the computer literacy challenged.
  • I feel you bro, am in the exact same problem. This problem was first addressed 10 years ago, and never solved. The original dates shows in the "edit style" options, but not on my paper.
  • @JaneCustanceBaker -- I'm not sure I understand. Why do you think this is wrong? That's how Chicago Manual treats original dates of publication.
  • @JaneCustanceBaker :
    In the "extra" write: original-date: xxxx, update, works!
  • Hi all, thanks for the support. I was expecting he original date treatment to appear in brackets eg.
    Austen, Jane. (1813) 2003. Pride and Prejudice. London: T. Egerton. Reprint, New York: Penguin Classics. Citations refer to the Penguin edition.
    But am probably out of touch so will now follow the above advice. Thanks you
  • That's how this looks in Chicago author-date style. Dates are always at the end in the note-based Chicago styles.
  • This is a very helpful thread for CMS 17. Any chance this work around (putting "original-date" in the Extra field) can be added to another citation style, namely: Society of Biblical Literature 2nd edition (full note)? I'm unable to have this trick work for displaying the date of a reprint edition in this citation style (though I can get it to work in CMS 17).
  • You need to insert in the code where you need it.
    General steps here:
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