Is it possible to add a periodical in Zotero ?

I would like to add references of periodicals (revue, journal, magazine) in my bibliography (ie as a whole not only articles) ? Is that even possible in Zotero ? Would it allow issn references ?
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  • planned, not currently possible.
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    Is this possible now? Or is there another software that would be recommended for periodicals?
  • Currently it is still not possible. Maybe in planned version 5.1.
  • What style are you using and what are your exact requirements? It might currently be doabale via a workaround.
  • Hi,
    Anyone know if this is possible now or have a way to do this with Zotero?
  • @Emanuel
    See Bwiernik's question just above you. More details is ALWAYS more helpful and we can help you faster and better.
  • Hi @damnation
    I work with some articles from different journals, but i want to create a reference of the Journal itself, and relate the correspondent articles. Anyway i need to generate a reference for the journal, além das referências individuais dos artigos.
    I use CSL ABNT.

    Thank you..
  • Can you please provide more detail? How do you want such a citation to be formatted exactly?
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    @Emanuel , atualmente a ABNT indica a inclusão de uma referência de periódico como livro. E poderia incluir o ISSN como um campo extra.
    Mas essa ideia funcionaria apenas para manter sua biblioteca organizada, pois não sei se algum estilo ABNT disponível atualmente prevê uma citação de periódico.
  • @Emanuel If you answer my questions, I can give you some guidance.
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    @bwiernik , if he is talking about ABNT, it should be somethig like this (similar to Book):

    REVISTA BRASILEIRA DE GEOGRAFIA. Rio de Janeiro: IBGE, 1939- . ISSN 0034-723X.

    Where 1939- --> StartYear-EndYear or just StartYear if it still exists.

    And for that last part about StartYear I also would like to know if there is a possibility.
  • Hi @bwiernik and @luisiafalves

    Thanks for the answers.

    Yes, I am talking about ABNT.
    The solution that I have adopted so far is in fact to register the journal as a book, entering other data in the Extra field.
    This does not solve the automatic generation of the reference, which will be manual, but it allows keeping the library organized by relating the articles to the journal.

    The styles that I tested do not really offer the reference of the periodic title, I am manually finalizing and creating a Note for registration with the complete ABNT style reference for future use.

    But for organizing the collection within Zotero, this approach works.
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