Renaming doesn't work


I imported a pdf file into Zotero called /tmp/serve_bulletin, since that's what Firefox named it. I then wanted to rename it, so I clicked on the 'serve_bulletin" pdf file in the middle window, then the title in the right window. It popped up a dialog box for "new title". So I put in "homework1.pdf", kept "rename associated file" and pressed "ok", but got an error message: "an error occurred while renaming the file" and nothing was done.

Report ID:1282297367

Also, the "Report errors..." menu item pops up a window titled "Welcome to the Zotero"; clicking on "next" gives you "Completing the Zotero". Seems like a few words are missing. :-)

Zotero 1.0.9, Fedora 10 linux, Firefox 3.0.6.
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