Can one export a collection and not the entire library

I wish to export some citations from Zotero to my University's reference solution (Refworks). This is something that I will do regularly at least for a few months. I put a few references in a collection for export purposes but I can only see an option to export my entire library. I don't want to do that because it will create hundreds of duplicates on the destination database. I am sure that the formats Zotero offers for export will be sufficient, it is the ability to specify a collection only for export.
  • Right-click the collection and select 'Export Collection...'.
  • Thanks - it does work. However, my lovely new MacBook does not have right clicks but if I plug a mouse into it - it works. Is there a command from a menu to avoid having to plug and unplug the mouse each time? RIght clicks seems like one of those PC - MAC divides!
  • Control-click on a Mac is the same as right-click. You can also configure a two-finger tap on the trackpad to be equivalent to a right-click.
  • Thanks will try it out.
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