What's the best way to share a Zotero collection (without creating a new “group” collection)

I've got a large Zotero library split into several large collections. I know that I'm able to share collections by creating a group in Zotero and then creating a collection within that group. Is it possible to share a pre-existing collection, though?

Alternatively, can I synchronize a collection in a group with a collection that is already in my local library? Sharing a collection within a group is great, but if that collection starts off as a copy of a collection I already have in my Zotero then I'm going to have to maintain two collections independently.
  • Easier sharing of parts of your library is planned, but currently, unfortunately, the answer to all of your questions is no. The only way to share a collection is to drag it into a group and it won't sync with the original collection.
  • Do you know when this new feature will be implemented ?
  • Should I be able to drag-and-drop a collection with all its sub-collections between libraries, or what is the best way to share a hierarchical structure of collections?
  • Yes, you can drag and drop a collection with sub collections between libraries in the Zotero app.
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