Distinguish audioRecording and podCast (both CSL type song)

Does anyone know a reliable way to distinguishing audioRecording and podCast entries in a CSL style? The reason for this is the CSL field medium which has to be displayed at a different place within citations/bibliographic entries for both types in one of my custom styles. I can think of the following differences between audioRecordings and podCasts: audioRecordings usually have a publisher, podCasts don't; also, podCasts often have a number but audioRecordings don't; the best thing would be to check whether the issued field only has a year (audioRecordings) or also month and day (podCasts). Unfortunately, I don't think it is possible to have a conditional check for date-parts in CSL. Best, Till.
  • nothing super reliable, no. Testing for publisher or testing for URL would be my top choices.
  • That's what I thought (sigh).

    But it gets worse: I just realized that podCast does not even have an issued field. (I know, I can give it through Zotero's extra field.) I think we really need a reliable way of distinguishing audioRecording from podCast. For example: audioRecording is often used, I assume, for records containing several tracks (Michael Jackson: Off The Wall, Epic Records: 1979). Therefore, a style that displays the title of audioRecording in italics (like books, for example) will also display the title of podCast in italics -- although it would make much more sense to give podCast's collection-title in italics and the title (of the episode) in quotes.

    Is there any chance of getting this "fixed" in a future version of CSL and/or Zotero?

    Thanks, Till.
  • FWIW, in Juris-M (a Zotero variant), audioRecording has an "Album" field that maps to container-title, podcast has a "Date" field that maps to issued, and there are conditionals for testing the granularity of dates.
  • Podcast will definitely get a date field once we're revamping item types&fields, yes.
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