Cite while your write options for MAC user

Probably one for Mr Stillman from what I can see of the closed discussions. I a converting from Procite - Refworks but I like the search functionality and ability to associate files with references in Zotero. CWYW is very important to me but I can't find any reference software that is perfect for the MAC environment. I use Office 2008, Pages 08. From what I can see, there may be a plugin for Office for Mac 2008 but that is tied into the 1.5 version of Zotero. There are Alpha and or Beta versions of both. I am not confident enough to test software. In order that I may plan my own work, solutions etc is it possible to have a time frame for CWYW functionality for Office for MAC? First half 2009, second half 2009? 2010? Many thanks
  • Stan, I've migrated over to the latest Sync Preview version a while ago and in my experience it's perfectly stable. I'm not on Mac/Word2008 so I cannot comment on the Word plugin for that version though.
  • Thanks. I may give that a try. I understand that it is under 1.5 that a plugin for Word for Mac 2008 will be built but as of yet, it is not there. So I might as well wait until the plug in is up. But thanks for the heads up on 1.5 it may be worth a try regardless.
  • Stan: Just to clarify, there is a plugin for Word 2008 for 1.5 Sync Preview, but it's an alpha version.
  • Thanks - Should I wait for a few weeks for it to be Beta or if I upgrade to 1.5 and it does not work, I have not lost anything? I take it that my library in Zotero will move over to 1.5 when I install it? I guess I just don't want to spend a lot of time trying to fix problems with the core service.
  • Just checking into Forums after a few weeks and I notice that 1.5 Beta is highlighted and there is a plugin for Word 2008 for MAC on Zotera 1.5 (I have Leapord installed). Is this the solution that I have been waiting for? If I move to 1.5 and install that plug in, then should I be able to cite whilst I write on the MAC. I hope so. Anyone have experience of doing so?
  • Sure, lots of people are using it, including me. Otherwise we wouldn't release it. Read the beta usage notes carefully regarding the consequences of upgrading your documents.
  • OK I have upgraded to 1.5 and added the Mac office 2008 plugin. However...
    I do not see the icons on the top of Word that allow me to cite in text. I looked on the site and found an article that says I must then within Windows go to Tools, Addins and make sure Zotero is clicked. There are no addins for Word. So I clicked on add and searched for Zotero. But there is nothing that is not greyed out. Zotera is my folders:
    Documents-Microsoft User Data - Word Script Menus - Zotero. When I click on Zotero there are about 10 folders greyed out dated 3 Nov 2008, most end with .scpt

    So I am stuck as for next steps
    And I am not connected to the Zotero server on the 1.5 - does that matter for write and cite - I will trouble shoot this one next
  • There should be a manuscript icon to the right of the other Word menus. The Zotero plugin functions are in there, along with their respective keyboard shortcuts (using Ctrl-Option).
  • Thanks, for that - the simplest fix ever!

    If I may (or redirect me) when I want to put two citations together ... If I make a claim "scholars agree marketing metrics need improvement (Rust 2004, Ambler 2007, Nath 2007)" When I use the insert citation I get (Rust 2004)(Ambler 2007)(Nath 2007) - is there a way to do multiple inserts in one set of brackets. I played with multiple sources in the citation tool but have not mastered it.

    And I have a comment hopefully in the right area - I have lost the ability to grab references from my firefox address bar for EBSCO; I now need to save the reference to a folder, export the folder to references and then they import directly.

    And please direct me to instructions about joining the Zotero server so that I can use the online facilities in 1.5

    All that said, I am sticking with Zotero as it is moving in the right direction and will soon be the tool I need and is likely already better than alternates. Many thanks for your dedicated work Mr Stillman
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    Try the button 'Multiple sources'. This allows you to select multiple items.

    Joining the Zotero server is as simple as filling in your Zotero username and password (the same you use to post on the forum) on the Sync tab of the Zotero preferences (gear icon).
  • Thanks Mark

    I found the Zotero server under preferences, sync - I guess that is where to go. Then there is something about the Webdav server and http: below do I need to put something in there and if so what?

    I will have another play with multiple sources - I did try it before sending the above question but obviously I need to play some more.
  • Stan, this depends on whether you want to sync your attachments and metadata, or just your metadata. In the latter case (only the library items without PDF attachments and the like) you don't need to fill out the WebDAV info. (I do it this way, syncing the attachment separately with synchronization software)

    If you do want to sync attachments, you'd need access to a WebDAV server. Some information can be found here. Also, if you search the forums for 'WebDAV' you'll find several examples of how to configure various services, paid or free.
  • Thanks for that. With the updated version of 1.5 that Firefox prompted me to download... the sync icon in Zotero went spining around. I don't have a webdav server (I need to find out what that is). So what Zotero has synchronised are all my references without the PdF attachments. If I download Zotero to firefox in my other computer, sign in etc... I should have all the metadata downloaded to that machine.

    I will hunt out web dav information - sounds like it is worth having.

    Thanks Mark.
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