Importing citations from ProQuest and EBSCO

First apologies for being very new to Zotero and likely much less technically sophisticated than 99% of the contributors. I am working my way through the issues as I get to grips with the software but feel it is worth the effort. I have access to ProQuest and Ebsco databases through my University - to access them I go on the VPN and then need to log in through a service called Athens. Once inside the two database services, when I find interesing articles I tag them and then export. I pick general bibliographic software as the format (txt file and I have tried html) and then I save the result in a file on the desktop. When I try to import into Zotero, it says that there is no translation file for the format. My work around is to export into Refworks, from Refworks export as a general bibliographic file (txt) and this does import into Zotero. Is this a known issue, am I doing something wrong, or does the introduction of Athens somehow change the normal functioning? Much obliged for any insight or to be redirected to a thread where the answers are already there. I have tried to follow conversations but not successful so far.
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