Getting started importing from refworks and associating with Pdf

I am sure people will direct me to a number of threads - but I am lost in the discussinos when they get to a level of technology. New to Zotero and just moved off PC to Mac. I have no coding expertise - just an ordinary user of computers.

I have refworks and 800+ entries and for most, I have PDF files as well. How does one import the references? I cannot imagine importing one by one through web search of each and every article.

Many thanks
  • I managed to find an answer to my own question through the brandis library guide web site. Apologies. It is pretty straightforward. From within Refworks export as a text file; save to the computer (desktop is easy). From within Zotero, use the wheel icon, open the file that was exported and it will import.
  • Hi. In my case, it does not works with bibtex format from Refworks' "export" . I export in "Tagged format" (last version of RW), automatically it opens the file with Firefox and you can see the small icon of Zotero's folder at the right extrem of the navigation bar. I realize that it does not import every reference, but actually I don't know why yet (it is my second day using Zotero).
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