zotero could not be verified for use in firefox

  • nothing happens. now ms office doesn't correspond and it asks me with out doing anything to send report to microsoft
  • do you think that the cause of the problem is that i have only 8% space in my library? but before that when i had less space zotero told me that and i erase some bibliography which i didn't used. tell me what happens if i have no longer space in my library and i don't purchase more?
  • Many thanks AdamSmith! (Sorry for the incursion in the discussion, I guess it was a trivial question) And thanks to the Zotero's team!
  • Thiw is a new report error 1340343595 nothing fixed
  • I'm still confused when you're sending these error reports. Given your description, after the error happens, Firefox is frozen. So how do you send the error report?

    @Dan -- is there anything in there by any chance?
  • And your file storage has no impact on how Zotero interacts with Word.
  • adamsmith: Nope.
  • @lazaridisg1
    yeah, so the error reports aren't helping us, you can stop with those.
    I find it a bit hard to understand what's going on.

    There's a couple of my questions you haven't answered so fare, so let's maybe start with those:

    1. How big is the document? How many citations total?

    2. If you split the document in two, do you have the same issue with both halves of the document?

    I'm not sure if you've answered 2.) -- you say you've tried with two paragraphs and 2 citations -- is that separately or did you try this once with 2 paragraphs? (Also, I feel we're losing a bit in translation. What's your native language? Might be easier if you could write in that. Anything Western European should work as would a number of other languages.)
  • i am greek. the document so far is 100 pages with 120 citations.
  • Ok. I've found the problem. It was a citation from 120, which i made changes (name and other). once zotero said that i waw made changes from the last time i was genarated it. and asked me to click yew or no. yes means that it will prevent zotero from aother changes (i dont know what doew that mean) and no means that all the changes in this citation will be lost ( i also dont know what does that mean). i pushed know and i think that was the problem. please if anyone knows and understant what this maeasege from zotero above means. please explain. I also must say that there must be on zotero a program that can recognize this problems, and please do something with greek language. as you see me english are awful. thanks for the help.
  • I found that Firefox Beta is blocking the Zotero extensions. I solved this by installing Firefox 40.0.2 and reinstalling the plugins for Word.Zotero is back in the toolbar and not blocked. I hope this helps.
  • is firefox 40.0 beta? this is what i have. i reinstalled firefox and it installed firefox 40.0 and it says that it is informing
  • No, 40 is the current version. Again, though, none of your problems have anything to do with signing/verification.
    There was a corrupted citation in the document, it broke it, you found it, that fixed it. It's annoying, but the same thing could have happened half a year ago.
  • ok i understand. but i remains that on add-ons it still saying problem with verification with plugins.
  • that's correct, but it's merely a warning, it doesn't affect any functionality.
  • ok i hope so.
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