Icons no longer appearing in FF address/search bar

Zotero 4.0.28
Firefox 39.0.3
OS X 10.10.4

I'm not sure when, but recently Firefox stopped displaying Zotero's icons in its address/search bar. For example, if I bring up Strunk and White in Google Books, the little book icon does not appear.

I've tried reinstalling Zotero and rebooting the computer.

Any other suggestions?
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    Yeah, I just noticed this article this morning.

    I'm not sure how the good folks at Zotero expected us to learn this without reading the article, which I usually don't bother doing when installing updates. Maybe with a drastic revision like this there should be one of those pop-ups for touring the new features when the newer version is opened the first time, only for major revisions like this mark the opening screen "IMPORTANT" in big red letters.

    Also, I hope the different versions of Zotero don't start to diverge too much. A single learning curve helps keep things simple.

    In any case, if anyone else comes across this topic, the solution is that the latest version of Zotero for FF no longer uses icons in the address/search field. Instead, use the icon to the right of the Z in the FF toolbar.

    So in the words of Roseanne Rosannadanna, never mind.
  • there was a pop-up exactly as you describe, not sure why you didn't see it/it didn't show for you.

    The plan is to unify this so that the same icon appears in the connectors, which then would actually make Standalone+Connector more similar to Firefox than before (e.g. the absence of the "Create New Web Page" button in Standalone was a constant source of confusion).
  • Maybe I was asleep at the wheel or in a hurry and thought I already knew how to use Zotero. Dunno.

    In any case, thanks.
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