Folder structure for files synced to second computer via WebDav

Apologies if this has been asked before but I have been unable to locate an answer:

On Computer A (Ubuntu) I have my Zotero collection, with PDF attachments renamed and moved with Zotfile, with the following folder structure (main folders are A through to Z, and within each there are folders of the form AuthorsurnameInitial):


These PDF files sync fine via WebDav to (I have checked and can see them) and the Zotero collection (not the PDFs) syncs fine to my Zotero online library.

Now I wish to sync the whole collection to Computer B. The Zotero collection syncs fine but not the PDF files from

Am I correct in thinking that to do this successfully I would have to recreate the whole folder structure on Computer B?

With thanks for any ideas!
  • why are you using WebDAV? If you move the files with ZotFile, why not just use's sync folder, which will sync the entire folder structure?
  • Many thanks for the reply. My idea for using webdav came from but I am happy to try another method. I'm not sure that I understand your question completely. Do you mean:

    Put my 'docs' folder (which contains all my attachments) into a sync folder that is on Computer A?

    I don't seem to have a folder on Computer A, however (perhaps because I am using Ubuntu?).

    Many thanks.
  • right, they don't have an out-of-the-box sync client for linux, though see here:

    But basically: the moment you do anything to move files out of Zotero's own folder structure (i.e. the zotero/storage folder) you're on your own for file sync. You can probably make it happen with a mounted webDAV server (which is entirely different from the WebDAV solution mentioned in the docs, which is for files stored in Zotero), but it's going to be non-trivial.

    If you want an easy solution, use dropbox, which does have a linux client (or don't rely on ZotFile and your own folder structure).
  • Many thanks - this gives me much food for thought. When I embarked on the present folder structure I had not anticipated all of the consequences! There are conveniences to the present folder structure however, so I will now weigh up my various options.

    Again, with grateful thanks.
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