Error messages when adding citations

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I've been using Zotero 4.0 (for Mac) with no problems for about two months, and a few days ago, I started getting two error messages as I tried to add citations into footnotes. One is "You have modified this citation since Zotero generated it. Do you want to keep your modifications and prevent future updates? Clicking 'yes' will prevent Zotero from updating this citation if you add additional citations, switch styles, or modify the item to which it refers. Clicking 'no' will erase your changes." I've selected yes and no, and I don't get the citation in the footnote and it messes up the formatting of the other footnotes.

The other error message is "The Zotero field code corresponding to this citation, which tells Zotero which item in your library this citation represents, has been corrupted. Would you like to reselect the item? Clicking 'no' will delete the field codes for citations containing this item, preserving the citation text but potentially deleting it from your bibliography." Same here: whether I choose yes or no, the citations get messy, so I have to choose 'cancel'.

I installed the update, have re-installed Zotero, and I'm still getting this error. Please help!

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