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Hi everyone

I'm writing a dissertation on swiss law. The CSL style I've set up to do so relies heavily on the short-title field (all books use the short title for inline quotation).

I wanted my zotero library to display the columns for author title and short title, but I can't choose the short title field as a column (but almost every other field). Do I overlook something or is that feature missing? If so, I'd like to request that to be implemented in a future update.

Thanks in advance!

  • I don't think this has been requested before. Just a question though : why can't you use the title field ? Is there a big difference with the short-title field ?
  • I don't know how peter.bigler has his Short Title fields, but see https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/41300/allow-sort-by-short-title/#Item_9 for ways in which the Short Title can differ substantially from the actual Title. That thread also echoes this one's feature request and has related discussion.
  • Another example from law (test case of beck-online translator):
    "itemType": "case",
    "title": "LG Augsburg, 24. 9. 2001 - 3 O 4995/00 - Infomatec",
    "creators": [],
    "date": "2001",
    "dateDecided": "2001-9-24",
    "court": "LG Augsburg",
    "docketNumber": "3 O 4995/00",
    "extra": "{:jurisdiction: de}\n{:genre: Urt.}",
    "libraryCatalog": "beck-online",
    "pages": "99-101",
    "reporter": "BKR",
    "reporterVolume": "2001",
    "shortTitle": "Infomatec"
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    thanks for your answers! I agree with amc and zuphilip, the short-title-field is basically a descriptive keyword arbitrarily assigned by the user and can therefore differ from the title/subtitle.

    There isn't an "official" citation style for swiss law, but most authors quote along the following lines

    In the bibliography:
    PEDRAZZINI MARIO M. / HILTI CHRISTIAN: Europäisches und schweizerisches Patent- und Patentprozessrecht, 3. Aufl., Bern 2008 (zit. PEDRAZZINI/HILTI, Patentrecht)

    using the following fields:
    [AUTHOR (second name & first name in small caps)]: [title], [edition], [publisher-place][year] ([textnote „zit.“ indicating the keyword by which it will be quoted in the main text] [AUTHOR (second name only)] [short-title])

    Inline quotation:
    REHBINDER, Urheberrecht, 22.

    using the following fields:
    [AUTHOR (only second name in small caps)], [short-title], [locator]

    The short-title field is arbitrarily assigned by me. It helps making the inline quotations much shorter and helps distinguishing multiple books by the same author (other scientific fields use the year of publishing to do so). Like zuphilip mentioned, the same goes for quoting legal cases, where you can use the short-title to assign a keyword to a case instead of its reference number.

    I’ve found no existing style which meets the requirements of my University, so I’ve put together one using the CSL-Editor. It works fine, it’s just that I can’t display the short-title field as a column in the Zotero library view, but almost every other field.
  • I can second the request from peter,

    (perhaps especially) in legal texts, oftentimes the title is long(er) and in the citation you use the shorttitle instead. Here is an example (exported from my Zotero database into BibTex):

    address = {München},
    title = {Der Störer im Internet - Zur Verantwortlichkeit der Internet-Provider im allgemeinen Zivil-, Wettbewerbs-, Marken- und öffentlichen Recht},
    isbn = {3-406-53077-X},
    shorttitle = {Der Störer im Internet},
    publisher = {Beck},
    author = {Volkmann, Christian},
    year = {2005}
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    +1 for editorial work on content in https://www.zotero.org/groups/pleiades, where the short title field (often substantially and unpredictably different from author + year or title) will be used to match external datasets and facilitate disambiguation curation.

    Using Zotero Standalone
  • +1 for this feature. My style requires use of short title in subsequent citations. It's really annoying to find that you have (manually) created identical short titles for different citations....

    Please add "Short title" to the list of options under More Columns
  • would also like this! makes it much easier to quickly scan through your item list.
  • +1, in deep learning field, "short title" is quite important for network naming. In many papers, network abbreviations have nothing to do with the title of the paper, which is very hard to find.
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