Zotero labels/fields and CSL variables for type "patent"

My (German) Zotero (stand-alone for Mac 4.0.8) doesn't seem to follow the mapping of UI labels/fields to CSL variables given on http://aurimasv.github.io/z2csl/typeMap.xml for the type "patent". When I export a complete Zotero "patent" entry to CSL JSON, the values for the following UI labels/fields don't show up in the JSON-file:

- "Herausgeber" ("Issuing authority" / "authority" ?)
- "Datum der Einreichung" ("Filing Date" / "submitted")
- "Bewerbungsnummer" ("Application number" / "call-number")
- "Prioritätsnummern" ("Priority numbers" / "issue")
- "Quellenangaben" ("References" / "references")
- "Rechtsstatus" ("Legal status" / "status")

The following Zotero UI labels/fields don't have a corresponding CSL variable according to the list mentioned above:

- "Land" ("Country")
- "Abtretungsempfänger" ("Assignee" ? )

Is my analysis correct or am I missing something? (I'm trying to write a generic German style with full support for all major CSL types and fields.)
  • You're right about the second part, but the typeMap is correct and the JSON exports corresponding to that Map for me.

    You should update Zotero, Standalone is currently at, Zotero for Firefox at -- my guess is that would fix this for you.
  • You're right, thanks. (I should have checked for a newer version of Zotero myself, sorry.)
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