How to commit custom citation styles to the SVN Zotero Styles Repository?

I recently made two custom citation styles that I'd like to make available to the public through the SVN Zotero Styles Repository (

I have created a Zotero Trac account and installed Subversion and a client (svnX) on my computer. I can now connect to the repository (, where I find the directory trunk/styles/ containing the regular styles shipping with every copy of Zotero.

From reading the Subversion manual I learn that I have to checkout part of the repository to have a working copy of it on my computer, make my changes there (i.e. add my custom styles) and then commit the whole thing back to the repository.

My question is this: Is the right directory to checkout, modify and commit? I'm a bit confused because I don't want to change the regular styles in the above mentioned directory and don't see the hundreds of developer styles I want to contribute to.
  • Linked from bottom of styles page:

    The trunk directory (which you wouldn't have write access to) just contains symlinks back to that directory.
  • Sorry, somehow I missed that! Works fine now.

    I have uploaded the two custom styles (tah Geistes- u. Kulturwissenschaften, tah Sozialwissenschaften). Unfortunately, when I hover the mouse over the links the preview of the styles don't work ("Style not found"). What am I doing wrong?
  • Ah, the previews now show up! Maybe it just takes some time for the system to register...
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