download & automated import not working

I use Zotero Standalone with Firefox, both latest versions. Since some time I can no longer automatically import a pdf file into Zotero when downloading. Before when downloading FF demanded me if I wanted to import the file into Zotero, but this useful functionality has gone.

Or is this a FF Zotero feature ?

  • yes, that's only for Zotero for Firefox.
  • I resorted to Zotero for FF as I had the impression that the extension got more and more slower.
    I have more than 3,300 entries, and often I have to wait say ten seconds to show the first Zotero Windows.
    When I search Zotero often shows a "Ne répond pas" i.e. Doesn't Answer error message.
    Is this standard behaviour ?
    - ftr
  • depends what you mean by "first Zotero Windows". The first time you open the Zotero pane after restarting Firefox could take about that long, yes--that's when Zotero fully starts up and loads your database. Subsequently, the same action will be instantaneous.

    You shouldn't usually get "not responding" messages for a library of that size, though. What's your total number of items?

    If you're on Windows, you could also try closing the tag selector on the left, which especially on touchscreens can cause significant delays.
  • The total no of "documents" - I guess item translates into document in French - is slightly above 9,000.
    I work under Windows 7 prof. Though not using a touchscreen I shall try your hint.
  • Should there be any speed difference for an identical Zotero base between the standalone version and the FF extension ?
  • Marginally, if at all (if so, Standalone would be a little faster).
  • My zotero files are in a folder that is backuped by Dropbox. Can this be a reason for slow working ?
  • Not terribly likely, but possible. Is any other computer synced to that Dropbox folder?
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